Ancient Love Poetry: Event Recap, Impact, and you will Last Comment

Ancient Love Poetry: Event Recap, Impact, and you will Last Comment

Desk Off Information

Gu Jue Zhuan employs Shang Gu, immediately following a leader of your four True Immortals, who drops for the an intense sleep after sacrificing herself inside the a demonstration one to endured sixty,100000 decades. Shang Gu wakes up many years afterwards, and memory off what happened three hundred years back was basically completely cleaned. But this lady former lover, Bai Jue, never forgot regarding the lady. Losing their reincarnation on her life, he waited for her to possess sixty,100 decades. Even in the event their spirit vanishes, Shang Gu will watch for your forever.

Good/Crappy Items that Occurred

There is also a micro separation, since ShangGu seems betrayed from the BaiJue. (We determine they a bit better throughout the recap)

Ep 14: NOOOOOOOOOOOO YueMi dies!! Because the she’s planning to pass away, TianQi confesses which he know one she preferred your, but did not give the woman ahead pop over to these guys of.

Xuanyi’s assaulting the brand new God’s Realm. ZhiYang, Hongri (why, oh why?), and you may a bunch of other immortals lose the lives. BaiJue as well as passes away towards the bottom

Ep twenty-five: QingMu should turn down a married relationship suggestion with JingZhao, but We already know about truck that they’re going to avoid upwards partnered.

[Ep step one] ShangGu visits new Forehead off Like, and you may attempts to increase the immortals here belong love, nevertheless the spell goes wrong, very she covers within ChangYuan Palace (BaiJue’s palace) to leave discipline (but woah, what a happenstance, the guy shows up) .

The other Immortals cheat BaiJue toward practise ShangGu, by the stating that this woman is really dedicated, submissive, and not renders troubles (haha BaiJue in reality thinks them) . ShangGu are willing to learn from BaiJue, towards intention of which have her immortal boats unblocked in order for she can expel BaiJue on Immortal World, given that the guy humiliated the girl. BaiJue gets ShangGu an shot: and work out these types of Tiger Demons (which fundamentally never ever grins) smile.

Upcoming, these women immortals who have crushes towards the BaiJue produced ShangGu gifts to ensure that she’d allow them enter ChangYuan Palace, due to the fact BaiJue cannot succeed some body commit here.

[Ep 2] Because of ShangGu enabling those individuals lady immortals inside the, regardless of where BaiJue is, there are always the female immortals trying to acquire their choose. He told ShangGu to never come back to their ChangYuan Palace.

But not, it turned out become a misunderstanding, and you may ShangGu is gathering the female immortal’s “like times” into BaiJue, to really make the Tiger Demons look. BaiJue makes up because of it giving straight back this lady stamina, a cute smol little wristband, and you can a cute swing. But not, ShangGu planned to score even after your, very she pushed BaiJue so you’re able to secure their energies and you can she wished to hit him, nevertheless can not work.

Cute nothing storytime: appear to, whenever ZhiYang is travelling on all the way down realms, he had abducted by an effective mortal woman and you may is actually obligated to get married the woman (lol, bad him)

XuanYi(the brand new Devil Lord) as well as requires ShangGu to visit your, however, ShangGu does not want commit b/c she believes she will die, thus she agreements into running away, but (coincidentally), BaiJue will come and you can frightens the girl towards the not powering out.

BaiJue takes this lady so you’re able to Attach Scout to train this lady energies, and also the next early morning, BaiJue unlocks their Immortal boats, and they find yourself hugging! Following Hongri sees her or him, does not bother him or her, and makes having an excellent smoll look (no light hearted matter, the guy. ‘s the best shipper) . ShangGu apologized to own taking in enough their energies and also flirted having him, however, BaiJue was privately troubled off this lady apologizing. He including teaches their a blade, and they have a cute absolutely nothing time along with her.

ShangGu becomes the woman divine demo, however, BaiJue undergone all trial super on her. BaiJue together with can make a gun to own ShangGu, however, of the trial and you will gun, he had of numerous immediately after-effects and you will fainted on ShangGu (but the guy fainted located, to make sure that is a little bit annoying…, eg, when you need to faint, atleast faint securely)

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